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Autojack MIG Welding machines

MIG Welding (Metal welding with inert gases) is a so-called arc welding process, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or Metal Inert Gas (MIG).

Note: MIG welding can only be carried out in closed rooms, not in the open air, because weather influences, such as wind, drift away the protective gas.

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How does MIG welding work?

  • The welding wire is continuously and mechanically supplied by a motor during welding. The speed at which the wire is supplied is adjustable.
  • Using the wire guide, the wire is immediately and directly fed to the workpiece. The welding wire thereby melts the torch and the workpiece as a result of an electric welding arc.
  • During the MIG welding process, inert gas is supplied to a nozzle. This prevents the penetration of oxygen into the melt bath and protects against oxidation. Oxidation would lead to a weakening of the weld and therefore a lower quality.
  • After the melting bath has cooled, a weld seam of solidified welding material is formed.

Advantages of MIG welding
There is no slag formation with MIG welding. The protective gas protects the weld seam against the influence of oxygen and thus prevents the threat of oxidation. Due to the high working speed, there is only a small amount of heat input to the materials to be welded, which also reduces the degree of deformation. Moreover, by being able to weld in narrow spaces, the usability of MIG welding is even better. Thanks to the high strength of the weld seam and the quality of the weld surface, the need for many finishing operations is also reduced.

  • Little heat input
  • High welding speed
  • High duty cycle
  • Good protection against oxidation
  • Can be used in all welding positions