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Lumberjack Grinders

Grinding is a machining technique where material is removed with the help of tools that are provided with very many cutting edges without a defined shape. There are all kinds of methods for grinding, such as sanding belt grinding. Lumberjack offers the double bench grinder for your grinding work

Grinding is usually used to get a precise and smooth surface. In this way, products can be supplied flat, or sharp (knives), or round or with a profile. In addition, blunt tools such as chisels, planers, cutters, drills, circular saws and band saws can be sharpened again.

The abrasive grain determines the roughness of the surface. The smaller the grain, the smoother. For your user convenience, the double bench grinder is equipped with a medium and a fine grinding wheel. A characteristic of grinding is that the cutting speed is high and the material removal is small.

Since accurate products are produced with grinding, grinding wheels must run well. We have an accurate check carried out to ensure that the grinding wheels are well balanced.