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Autojack Generators

For handyman and outdoor person, Autojack, a brand of Lumberjack, has included two portable generators in the range.

We have opted for great ease of use, lightweight and useability everywhere: at the campsite, on your boat, by car or motorhome, in the garden or on the street, (scouting / camping) activities in the forest, on the water, etc.

Our generators are made with inverter technology. This ensures good voltage stability, so that you can connect all equipment to it and do not suffer from voltage spikes.

Laptops, PCs, battery chargers, all kinds of devices that you would like to provide power to, but that cannot simply be connected to a diesel generator ... An inverter unit or generator offers the solution.

The pure sine wave ensures that your device cannot be overloaded due to excessive fluctuations in the power output. The Inverter provides an almost 100% pure cosine. Highly recommended for mobile use or in the event of a power failure.