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Autojack Compressors

In the past, the possession of a compressor was only reserved for the professional atmosphere, in garages and workshops. We now see that there are affordable compressors available for every handyman and small-scale professional.

Autojack, a Lumberjack brand, has also put together a varied range of compressors for its customers. From the 'pocket-sized' tyre inflator to the 100-liter compressor with double cylinder for professional use.

The applications and use of compressors are enormously diverse: Compressed air can be used for inflating balloons and (bicycle) tyres, driving pneumatic tools, cleaning objects, spraypainting large and small surfaces, etc.

Compressor with or without oil

  • You can opt for an oil-lubricated or an oil-free compressor.
  • The oil-lubricated compressor is relatively cheaper than the oil-free counterpart and can be used for practically all compressor jobs at home. Make sure you check the oil level regularly and change the oil every now and then.
  • Also consider: if you work at low ambient temperatures (below 5 ° C), do not opt ​​for an oil-lubricated compressor. The oil can then thicken with harmful consequences for the machine.
  • The advantage of the oil-free compressor is that there is no oil residue in the used compressed air. This compressor is therefore very popular with specific compressed air processes in the food industry and in the medical world (just think of the dentist's compressed air-controlled drill). But this system also has its advantages for the handyman. Certainly when the compressor is used for paint jobs. Because oil residues in the paint or varnish can negatively influence the end result.