Lumberjack Table saws

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Lumberjack Table Saws

Saw table, table saw, table circular saw or saw bench ... these are all names for the same machine. If you regularly cut planks, panels or laminate, a Lumberjack saw table is a useful investment. Lumberjack is a true table saw specialist.

With a saw table, the circular saw blade protrudes from below the worktop. The big advantage is that you push the material against the saw instead of pushing the saw through the material. The boards or panels that you want to saw rest firmly on the work surface, so that you can work in a controlled and accurate manner.

Especially for large work pieces, saw tables with extensions are handy, so that even large panels or worktops are supported stably.

Note: Because the saw blade is mounted securely in the table, it is not possible to saw bends. For this you choose a band saw ... What you can do with a table saw is:

  • Straight saw cuts. The Lumberjack saw tables are equipped with a parallel guide. You fix it to the desired width and then push the material along the guide into the teeth of the saw blade. This way you are also guaranteed a straight cut with long and narrow work pieces.
  • Mitre sawing. With the help of a mitre guide you can cut in the desired angle, usually adjustable up to 45 °. The professional saw tables from Lumberjack are equipped with a tilting saw blade, which means that you can cut every corner precisely without a guide.