Router Tables

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Lumberjack Plunge Router PR 14
Plunge Router PR 14
Lumberjack Plunge Router PR12
Plunge Router PR12
Lumberjack Bench Morticer STM16
Bench Morticer STM16

Lumberjack Router machines

Routing is a machining operation in which material is removed using a rotating tool, the router cutter. Routing is a process that is mainly used in the metal, wood and plastic processing industry.

A router or router machine is a machine that can mill a piece of material with a fast rotating tool.

The router machines from Lumberjack are equipped with a router with which various materials such as plastic and wood and other materials can be machined. With a router it is possible to make complex shapes in materials such as slots, holes, boring holes, islands, chambers, etc. With a router machine, unlike for example a lathe, the tool rotates instead of the work piece.

Lumberjack currently offers five router machines, of which the RT1500 is the showpiece. This bench top router table is extra safe to use and particularly pleasant to work with if you mill a lot. You hold the workpiece instead of the router machine, so you can work very quickly and with surprising materials.

Consider: milling baseboards, milling window frames, milling slots, milling dovetail joints, milling show models for cakes, advertising letters and other objects milling from polystyrene / polystyrene / polystyrene. The possibilities are almost endless!