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Lumberjack Drill Presses/Drilling machines

If you want to drill accurately, use a drill press. These drilling machines are generally used to make holes (in various materials) quickly and precisely. A column drill is attached either to the floor or to a table when used with it.

We are expanding our range of drilling machines every month and are therefore now also offering a rotary hammer with chisel set, in addition to our four robust column drilling machines.

Our DP16-910B-VS 16 mm drill press has a variable speed and is therefore the flagship of Lumberjack with the greatest ease of use and the most possibilities.

Column drilling machines for metal, aluminum and wood

Holes in aluminum, wood or steel? It is all possible with a Lumberjack column drilling machine. And that in an extremely accurate way. These drill presses offer the possibility to position the materials directly under the drill, guaranteeing precision work. It is not without reason that this drill is very popular in many fields.

Drill Pressing machines are available in various shapes and sizes. It is wise to choose a model that is adjustable in height. A stool or chair then becomes superfluous and because you are no longer standing bent, you avoid back pains and other ailments.

Engine power

The wattage determines the power of the drill press. The more watts, the more powerful the machine. Drilling thicker pieces of wood (or steel or aluminum) requires a more powerful machine. If you are going to work with various materials, it is wise to choose a machine with a high capacity. Lumberjack offers column drills between 300 and 600 watts. The maximum size of the drill is also important when choosing the machine.


With column drilling machines, the speed is adjustable in many cases. Practical, because by regulating the speed you exclude the drill from shooting through the materials.