Lumberjack Band Saws

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Lumberjack Band Saws

A band saw is suitable for making very long cuts, for cutting materials with a large thickness and for making cuts with bends. The narrower the ribbon, the smaller the radius of this bend can be.

A band saw is a saw consisting of an endless ribbon-shaped saw blade of a few meters in length that is clamped around two wheels of the band saw machine. The lower wheel (in vertical arrangement) is driven in such a way that the saw ribbon moves from top to bottom through the cut in the work piece, so that it is pressed onto the saw table. The work piece is passed over a saw table, along a guide ruler or jig.

The band saws from Lumberjack all have a tilting saw table / worktop, so that the possibilities for use are further increased.

An adjustable saw support is mounted above the Lumberjack band saw tables, which allows the saw length above the saw table to be adjusted to the thickness of the material to be cut. The distance from this to the material during cutting must be as small as possible, this will prevent the saw tape from kinking.

If with a regular band saw, such as the Lumberjack models, the ribbon is blunt, it must be replaced, otherwise the risk of the ribbon breaking is too great.