Lumberjack, the sawing machine specialist

Lumberjack is a real sawing machine specialist for woodworking. We put our soul and salvation into the development of powerfully executed sawing machines and would like to offer an excellent range without being overcomplete.

In the area of ​​cross-cut saws, we have opted for mitre saws with tilting heads and with pull function. We don't do it for less.

In the saw tables we have something for everyone, from the starting handyman to the professional woodworker, who has to earn his money every day with a solid multifunctional saw table.

Band saws, fretsaws and hand saws complete our range.

Everything is done with top materials, because we have a Passion for Tools. We know that the industrial parts cannot be seen from the outside, but from the inside they ensure a long service life of the engine and the wearing parts.

A brand is much more than a name. We at Lumberjack Tools offer top quality and unrivaled 'old-fashioned' good service and expertise. Experience it for yourself!