Router table RT1500 - 1500W

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This router table is THE alternative to a hand-held router: the Lumberjack RT1500 has great ease of use, a built-in 1500 watt motor, electronic speed control, and it is safe. For the best result! ...More information

Product description

  • Article number:RT1500
  • Availability: In stock
  • Delivery time:1-2 days

With 2 feather boards, dust collection port, approx. 150 cm power cord, 1500W motor Lumberjack RT1500 is value for money.

The Lumberjack RT1500 Router Table has an metal fence with plastic supports.  It has a work surface of 597 x 457 mm, which is large enough for professional purposes. If you want to use accessories, you can use the provided slots as well.

The RT1500 Benchtop Router Table boasts two adjustable feather boards along with dual outlet switch as well as dust collection port. Moreover, you get extra long power cord as well. So, adjustability is a huge point here. Because it comes with the basic hardware for connecting popular wood routers, setting up the table would take a few minutes only.

Last but not least, this router table comes with 1 Year of Lumberjack warranty. In short, for the amount that you are paying, Lumberjack RT1500 Router Table is the best choice in the market.


  • All standard 1/2" & 1/4" router cutters can be used with the RT1500, as both 1/2" & 1/4" collets are supplied with the table as standard.
  • Rise and fall of the cutter is regulated by a well positioned hand wheel, and enables stepless adjustments to achieve that finer level of precision and accuracy.
  • An adjustable pressed steel and plastic fence, both vertical and horizontal pressure plates sprung for enhanced material support, a mitre fence, and a substantial table bed measuring 597mm x 457mm provide for ease of use and maximum operator safety.
  • Additionally, a 70mm dust extractor port sited within the fence mounting enables fast, effective removal of dust and waste material.
  • Because this machine is open at the bottom, no sawdust and grinding dust will accumulate in the machine, as is the case with other brands.

If you don’t consider spending hundreds of Euros on a router table, this model is perfect value-for-money for anyone.


What is a router table?

In the simplest terms, a Router Table is a system that you can use for attaching a handheld wood router. That is, you can table-mount a router using the router table. This way, there is an enhancement of stability as well as safety while routing wood or other comparable materials. In the long run, router tables are loved by woodworking professionals and hobbyists alike.


Why should you have a router table?

While there is a huge amount of benefits, we will mention a few benefits of using a router table for your projects.

  • Router Tables can provide you better stability while routing wood and other materials. This is better when compared to the process of using routers as such. This is even useful when you are trying to do an intense shape or something. By making the work surface stable, you can get the job done quickly.
  • When you are using a router table, it is easy to shape as well as to cut wood. You have the benefits of better precision and care.
  • More importantly, you can focus both hands for the routing process. When you don’t have a router table with you, you need to hold the router using one hand, for the sake of precision. When you have a table, it is  rather stable and you can concentrate on the shape that you’re moulding.
  • As it goes without saying, router tables offer better safety. Chances are very slim that you will come across accidents.

When you are a professional you can have better precision and safety with these router tables. 


  • Voltage:230V
  • Power:1500W
  • Rotation Speed:8.000 - 26.000rpm
  • Blade size:597 x 457mm
  • Table Height:355mm
  • Cutter Vertical Travel:0 - 40mm
  • Table Insert Diameter:75mm
  • Weight:19.6kg