CNG18V Tacker 2.0 Ah

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A professional tacker / nail and stapler gun with 18V battery for handyman, furniture maker and carpenter. Shoots 60 nails per minute, max length 50mm, staples up to 40mm. With 45 min quick charger. ...More information

Product description

  • Article number:CNG18V
  • Availability: In stock
  • Delivery time:1-2 days

This Lumberjack CNG18V Tacker is a powerful 1000 Watt cordless combi-tacker.

The advantage of this battery tacker is that it can handle both 'nails' / minibrads (up to 50mm) and staples (up to 40mm). The combination tacker is delivered in a case with 18V Li-Ion battery. In addition, 200x F-nails and 200x U-staples are included. With the quick charger the Li-Ion battery is charged within 45 minutes.

The depth control allows you to set yourself how deep the staples and nails / minibrads can be shot.

Some features of the CNG18V

  • Trigger
  • LED Lighting Switch
  • Battery Pack 18V-2Ah
  • Belt Hook
  • 2 Mode Single or Contact Firing
  • Ergonomic Design Handle
  • LED Indicator
  • Safety Contact Pin
  • Depth Adjustment wheel
  • Cylinder
  • Weight of tacker incl battery: 3 kg


Do you want to work fast and well? Use this combi-tacker for door and window frames, draft strips, aluminum corner profiles, paneling, wood panels, cabinet construction, furniture and moldings.

This tacker is perfect for furniture making, wooden panels and window frames


  • Voltage:18V
  • Battery:18V - 2.0 Ah Li-Ion
  • Charger:230V - 1000W
  • Battery Charge:45 Minutes
  • Firing Speed:60 Nails/min
  • Max Magazine Capacity:100 nails/staples
  • Max length of nails:50mm
  • Max length of staples:40mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):285 x 274 x 96mm
  • Weight:4kg