Professional 254mm 10 Inch Band Saw BS254

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With the low-noise induction motor, a tilting worktop, a cutting width of 254mm and a cutting depth of 150mm, this BS254 is truly value for money!...More information
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Product information
  • Article number: BS254

Quality comes first at Lumberjack: This smaller band saw is also equipped with excellent parts to perfect cutting and optimize your ease of use.

If your work pieces have a maximum width of 254mm this BS254 is the band saw for you!

It is a practical band saw with leg stand that occupies limited space. The power is supplied by a low-noise induction motor that drives the saw via a belt.

Also with this band saw, a great deal of care was given to the guidance of the saw blade, so that it can  cut straight and accurately. That's why the BS254 has three (3) bearings in its conductor, just like its big brothers (BS305 and BS340). Two on each side of the saw blade to prevent the blade from turning and one on the rear to keep the saw blade free from the guide. The same setup has been chosen for under the table.

A compact floorstanding and woodworking bandsaw with a massive cutting capacity, for a machine of this size and price, of 150mm (6"). The big capacity makes it an ideal choice for woodworkers who are short on space. The power is delivered by a quiet induction motor with a belt drive to the bandsaw wheel. The key to straight and accurate cutting on a bandsaw is to have a good set of blade guides. The B254 has three sealed bearings on the blade guard. Two mounted side-on to the blade to control blade twist and keep it true. The rear bearing takes the thrust of the back of the blade allowing it to run freely. The same setup is then repeated beneath the table.

The cast iron table tilts from 90 degrees to 45 degrees and has a positive stop at both of those positions. Any angle in between can be read off the scale and locked in. For rip cuts the guide fence can be situated on either side of the blade, can be locked into position with a single press of the lever and has a clear marker to set against the metric scale. The fence itself can be fitted in two ways. When cutting thicker material the full face height of 60mm is used. When cutting thin and narrow strips the fence is fitted with the small face, against the blade to allow clearance around the guides.

  • Huge 6''/150mm Cutting Depth Capacity
  • 10''/254mm Cutting Width (Throat)
  • Supplied with High Quality British Made Blade
  • Precision Ground Cast Iron Work Table
  • Quick Action Lock On Rip Fence
  • Crosscutting Mitre Guide Included
  • Quiet Induction Motor
  • Mains Powered LED work Light
  • Integral Dust Collection Tray
  • Includes Floorstand
  • Primarily used for Woodworking


The two doors are fitted with safety locks which cut power to the motor when the doors are open for blade changing or cleaning. 

A(n external) dust extractor is always recommended when using a band saw. The dust collection outlet has 3 rings which allow it to accept 3 sizes of hose, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm diameter making it compatible with any type of extraction system. If extraction is not being used however, the band saw is fitted with an integral dust collection draw. Dust falling into the base of the machine will be collected here, allowing it to be quickly and easily emptied.

Do order additional band saw blades with your purchase of the BS254, so you can keep on working and vary in type of blades depending on your demands. You can order the blades under accessories

  • BSB254-6, 6mm
  • BSB254-10, 10mm
  • BSB254-13, 13mm
  • Article number: BS254
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power: 375W
  • Blade size: 1826 x 10 mm
  • Cutting depth : 150mm
  • Max workpiece size: 245 mm
  • Table size: 360 x 320 mm
  • Tilt Table: 0° - 45°
  • Weight: 39kg
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Professional 254mm 10 Inch Band Saw BS254
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