Professional 254mm 10 Inch Band Saw BS254

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Quality is paramount at Lumberjack: This smaller band saw also has excellent parts to perfect the sawing and to optimize your ease of use....More information
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  • Article number: BS254

Professional Band Saw 254mm - BS254

Quality is paramount at Lumberjack: This smaller band saw also has excellent parts to perfect the sawing and to optimize your ease of use.

When your workpieces have a maximum width of 254mm, this BS254 is the band saw for you!

It is a practical band saw with a base that takes up limited space. The power is provided by a low-noise induction motor that drives the saw via a belt.

With this band saw, too, great care has been taken to guide the saw blade, to be able to cut as straight and accurately as possible. That's why the BS254, like its big brothers (BS305 and BS340), has three (3) bearings in the guide. Two on each side of the blade to prevent the blade from rotating and one at the rear to allow the blade to run free of the guide. The same setup has been chosen for under the table.

The table can be adjusted from 90 to 45 degrees and can be fixed at the ends. Every angle in between can be set by means of a protractor and locked. The guide piece can be fixed on both sides of the saw blade.

The two doors are fitted with safety switches that disconnect the power from the motor when the doors are opened for cleaning or replacing the saw blade.


Huge 150mm cutting capacity (height)
254mm cutting width
Equipped with a high-quality English saw blade
Accurate cast steel work table
Quick-release on the guide block
Low-noise induction motor
The LED light in the workplace
Integrated dust drawer
Including floor stand
Mainly for woodworking

Comes with Circle Attachment, so you can cut perfect circles


It is recommended to always use an (external) vacuum cleaner with the band saw.

The benefits of good dust extraction are primarily for your health and in a clean working environment as well as a clean workpiece that allows you to work more accurately and safely.

Also, order the Lumberjack BDE1200 or the wood chip cleaner & vacuum cleaner - UDE75 with your purchase

The dust hose connection contains three rings, which make it possible to use different sizes of hose: 50mm, 75mm & 100mm diameter. It is therefore possible to use any type of extraction. If no dust extraction is used, the machine is still equipped with a dust drawer as standard that can be easily emptied. Dust that enters the machine is collected here.


Order extra bandsaw blades with your purchase of the BS254 so you can keep working and vary the blade types depending on your requirements.

You can order the saw blades under Accessories / Band saw blades.

BSB254-6, 6 mm
BSB254-10, 10 mm
BSB254-13, 13 mm


QUESTIONS ABOUT THE Professional Bandsaw 254mm?

do you have questions? Feel free to contact us directly on 0167 562177, send an email to [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to +31 6 51841304. You can also visit our showroom in Steenbergen Leerlooierij 7, 4651 SM Steenbergen. We are happy to help you with expert advice.

  • Article number: BS254
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power: 375W
  • Blade size: 1826 x 10 mm
  • Cutting depth : 150mm
  • Max workpiece size: 245 mm
  • Table size: 360 x 320 mm
  • Tilt Table: 0° - 45°
  • Weight: 39kg
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Lumberjack Professional 254mm 10 Inch Band Saw BS254
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