Automatic Welding helmet WT-1680-C- carbon look

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Professional automatic dimming welding helmet. Suitable for welding such as ARC, MMA, Mig, Mag / Co2, TIG and plasma cutting. Sturdy model. At Bargain Price! ...More information

Product description

  • Article number:WT-1680-C
  • Availability: In stock
  • Delivery time:1-2 days

This WT-1680-C beautiful automatic dimming welding helmet / welding shield is a professional and sturdy model in carbon look from Weber Tools.

The helmet is suitable for all types of welding such as ARC, MMA, Mig, Mag / Co2, TIG and plasma cutting. This welding shield protects your face and eyes from sparks and radiation.


  • Self-dimming welding shield for welding with electrode, MIG, TIG etc.
  • Fueled by a solar cell and a lithium battery, replacement is not necessary as with ordinary batteries
  • Dark mode (DIN 9-13) is quick to switch with a button on the side
  • View window by operating the button on the side
  • The welding helmet switches automatically from light to dark and vice versa, this means you always have 2 hands free
  • You can adjust the hue yourself between DIN 9 and 13
  • The headband is adjustable, so the right fit is quickly found
  • Light weight, so no heavy helmet on your head and therefore less tiring

Specifications of the welding hood

  • Format display: 92 x 42 mm
  • Light / dark response time: 0.15ms ~ 0.2ms (from light to dark)
  • Dark / light reaction time: filter infinitely adjustable 0.2 - 0.8 seconds (from dark to light)
  • Retention time: 0.4ms ~ 0.8ms
  • Ultraviolet protection: <0.0003% (313nm-365nm)
  • Infrared protection: <0.027% (780-1300nm) <0.085% (130nm-2000nm)
  • Dimmer degree switched off DIN 4
  • Eclipse degree on the outside stepless adjustable from DIN 9 - 13
  • Power supply: Lithium Battery (CR2032) with solar cells back-up
  • Operating temperature: -5 ~ +55 ºC
  • Equipped with 2 sensors
  • CE Marking: EN: 175/379 - CSA: Z94.3 - ANSI: Z87.1
  • Weight: only 480 grams

If you want to effortlessly and safely work with your new welding machine, preferably our MM100 or MM130 MigMaster, we recommend this helmet wholeheartedly.