Multitool blades

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Lumberjack Multi Tool Accessories

A multi-tool is a machine with which you can sand, saw and cut various materials. Depending on the accessories you use, the multi-tool can therefore be used for various jobs.

Having a multi-tool is a real must-have, especially for smaller restoration and installation jobs.

1) Universal segment saw blade:
With this blade you can effortlessly cut wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals. Because it allows you to cut and incline, multi-tools are ideal for cutting along raised edges, in corners and in hard-to-reach places. Some examples are carefully removing damaged tiles, customizing floor panels and shortening pipes, etc. the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

2) Saw blade for 'incident cutting':
This saw blade is available in various sizes and, just like the universal saw blade, can be used for trimming and incident cutting in wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals. However, the shape is different, making the blade ideal for deeper incident sawing work. Jobs for which this saw blade can be used, among other things: install door hinges and ventilation grilles, saw in plasterboard, make recesses for power lines and shorten pipes. This blade also has almost unlimited cutting and cutting options.

3) Platform for sanding sheets:
This attachment is ideal for sanding surfaces close to raised edges, in corners and in hard-to-reach places. Depending on the chosen sanding sheet, you can sand paint, wood, plaster and varnish with it.

4) Other:
All kinds of other accessories are available in the set of Lumberjack. For example, the Lumberjack range includes saw blades and attachments / attachments that are suitable for Bosch, SKIL, etc. Examples are accessories for removing carpet, tile adhesive, concrete residue, uncured nails, staples and smaller profiles.